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Booking & Indicative PricesFocklyn Stiagh as Priosyn

To book a guide please either use our contact us page with your requirements by clicking the Contact Us link above or the individual pages of guides by clicking their link button on the guiding services page.

Each guide has their own pricing structure, terms and conditions and cancellation policy which you should confirm with the guide when booking your tour.

As tours offered by our individual Manx registered tour guides are tailored to your specifications, tour rates are negotiated depending on each circumstance.

Our members are self-employed and so we do not set rates as a Guild.

We provide the following guide lines below as an indicator only of current prices.

2018 prices for a step-on guide (English speaking)

Up to 4 hours (am or pm) £80 - £110

Between 4 – 6 hours (am into pm) £110 – 150

Over 6 hours and up to 8 hours £140 - £190

2018 prices for a step-on guide (French or German speaking)

Add 20% to the cost of an English speaking guide as shown above

A montage of views from around the Isle of Man


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