Ta ny leeideilee shoh er chosney qualleeaght cour leeideil yn turrys eu ayns Gaelg

Jeeagh-jee er y fysseree jeh dagh leeideilagh son slane mynphointyn jeh nyn shirveishyn, my sailliu.



Web: ManxTourGuide.org
E-mail: manxtourguide@gmail.com
Tel: +44 (0)7624 471543

I’m an experienced registered Blue Badge guide for groups and individuals and will plan bespoke tours if requested.

It gives me pleasure to share my knowledge of the Isle of Man and to bring its fascinating sites to life.
I have an in-depth interest in, and knowledge of:
Manx folklore, culture and Manx Gaelic, and
social, family, and natural history of the Island.

I am happy to tour with you in your vehicle – car, minibus or coach, or to guide leisurely to moderate walks around the Island’s towns, villages and countryside.

Et je serai ravie de vous guider en français.



E-mail: davidfisher35@aol.co.uk
Tel:+44 (0)1624 814147
Mob:+44 (0)7624 438635

Qualified as a Blue Badge Guide in 1992. Worked for 20 years in Tourist information. Worked as a volunteer with Manx National National Heritage on the Calf Island Bird Sanctuary.

I am a Manx speaker and have a great interest in Gaelic and Norse place names. Can produce an itinerary for walks which include visiting the island’s diverse natural fauna, from short easy walks to slightly more energetic to suit the group’s needs.

Walks can also include the island’s industrial past, from fishing to mining.