Booking &
Indicative Prices

To book a guide please go to the Our Guides page and contact your chosen guide directly.

Each guide has their own pricing structure, terms and conditions and cancellation policy which you should confirm with the guide when booking your tour.

Tours are tailored to your specifications and rates negotiated accordingly.

Our members are self-employed and so we do not set rates as a Guild.

We provide guidelines on this page only as an indicator of current prices.

Prices for a step-on guide (English speaking)

Up to 4 hours (am or pm) £125

Up to 4 hours (am into pm or evening) £145

Over 4 up to 6 hours (between 08:00 and 18:00) £175

Over 4 up to 6 hours (finishing after 18:00) £195

Over 6 up to 8 hours (between 08:00 and 18:00) £230

Over 6 up to 8 hours (finishing after 18:00)  £255

For a French, German or Manx speaker, add 25%

Booking Fee £40