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Manx-born Jacqueline Yates helps you explore her much-loved island home, the Isle of Man, with tours in English or French.

Jacqueline was born and brought up in Douglas, the Island’s capital. After many years living in the UK and Switzerland the Island called her to come home and she returned in 2001.

Let her help you enjoy the glorious beauty, fascinating history and rich culture of this jewel in the Irish Sea.

Jacqueline’s particular interests lie in the music and dance which have enriched the lives of the Manx people for centuries. She can tell you about traditional Manx music and dance but also the vibrant music scene of today. As a member of Manx Voices ladies choir she enjoys competing herself along with the uplifting experience which choral singing always provides.

Jacqueline would be happy to prepare personalised tours for your interests or just come for a general tour of any or all areas of the Island.